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Ignaz Lieben-Workshop 2010:

»Networks of Communication and Mobility in the Sciences and Technology Central Europe in the Interwar Period«

PDF Silke Fengler: (Dis-)Continuities of the Exner Circle. On the Construction of Collegial Networks Among Austrian Physicists (1930s-1950s)
PDF Miguel Friedmann / Wolfgang Reiter / Petra Svatek: Between Tradition and Modernity: Analysis of Physics Curricula at Austrian Institutions of Higher Education, 1915 to 1940
PDF Christa Hammerl: Victor Conrad - Seismology und Climatology between Vienna, Czernowitz and USA
PDF Tomas Hermann: Influence of Emigrant Russian Biologists on Czechosolvak Science
PDF Veronika Hofer: Armin von Tschermak-Seysenegg, a Rebel with Causes? Challenging the Center/ Periphery Theory of Intellectual Circulation in Habsburg and Post-Habsburg Austria
PDF Christa Kletter: Pharmacy in Austria in the Interwar Period
PDF Thomas Lebeth: The Relevance of International Networks in the Production of Radio Tubes during the Interwar Period
PDF Cheryl Logan: Neo-Lamarckian Networks of Ethical Eugenics: Paul Kammerer and others
PDF Wolfgang Meixner: The Beginning of Powder Metallurgy in Tyrol by a Prague Chemist
PDF Juliane Mikoletzky: The Institutionalization of Technical Physics as an Academic Discipline in the Interwar Period
PDF Doubrava Olsakova: Czech-French Scientific Contacts
PDF Robert Rosner: "Mikrochemie" – a Journal for a Young Branch of Science
PDF Michael Simunek: Between Old and New: New Trends and Institutions in Scientific Research in Czechoslovakia after 1918