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Ignaz Lieben-Symposium 2006:

»Exploring Science in Central Europe around 1900: Circles – Schools – People«

PDF Tibor Frank: The Reinstituted Wahrmann-Prize and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (nur Abstract)
PDF Jiři Jindra: Professors of Chemistry Active in Bohemia and Moravia During 1890-1910 (nur Abstract)
PDF Gerd B. Müller: The »Biologische Versuchsanstalt« and its Role in Experimental and Theoretical Biology (nur Abstract)
PDF Gábor Palló: Center and Periphery – Hungarian Science around 1900 (nur Abstract)
PDF W. Gerhard Pohl: Atomism and Anti-Atomism. Supporters and Opponents of Ernst Mach (nur Abstract)
PDF Irene Ranzmaier: The Anthropological Society in Vienna: Founding, Organisation and Purpose (nur Abstract)
PDF Wolfgang L. Reiter: Radioactivity Research in Central Europe Around 1900 and Beyond (nur Abstract)
PDF Luitfried Salvini-Plawen: Zoology in the Late Habsburg Empire (nur Abstract)
PDF Rudolf Werner Soukup: A Century of Alkaloid Research: The Austrian Contribution to Organic Chemisty (nur Abstract)
PDF Sona Štrbáňová: The Chemical Research of Brauner and Auer (nur Abstract)
PDF Emilie Tĕšínská: Radioactivity Research in the Czech Lands and the Relationship with Vienna (nur Abstract)